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Feature Article-May-2018 | “ A Foundation for Your Family ”

Feature Article-April-2018 | “Trouble Doesn’t Last Always”

Feature Article-March-2018 | “Authenticity”

Feature Article-January-2018 | “Just Ask”

Feature Article-December-2017 | A Royal Invitation

Feature Article-November-2017 | Notoriously Noteworthy Giving : Black Philanthropy

Feature Article-September-2017 | “Bread for the Body. Food for the Soul - A Taste of Ethiopia”

Feature Article-August-2017 | My DC Cheese Excursion

Feature Article-June-2017 | “An Imperfect Dad for The Perfect Child”

Feature Article-May-2017 | “A Mother’s Influence“

Article-April-2017 | “Work, Life, The Power of Influence”

Feature Article-January-2017 | Why Visiting SAAM was my very BEST day in 2016 !!

Feature Article-November-2016 | Making Black History Your Story — Intro to Collecting Black Art PT3

Feature Article-October-2016 | Making Black History Your Story — Intro to Collecting Black Art PT2

Feature Article-September-2016 | Making Black History Your Story — Intro to Collecting Black Art

Feature Article-July-2016 | What You Didn't Know About Black Stamps

Feature Article-May-2016 | Locally and Globally, Artists Makin’ Things Happen

Feature Article-March-2016 | Paradise in the Hood

Feature Article-December-2015 | Renaissance Revival

Feature Article-June-2015 | The Rise of History

Feature Article-July-2015 | Black Art What's on Your Walls

Feature Article-Sept-2015 | The Collector Next Door

New Work

New Work-May-2018 | “Psalm 23, My Shepherd Movie - The Process”

New Work-April-2018 | “Ascension" - The Movie

New Work-March-2018 | “The Workers - Online Exhibition”

New Work-February-2018 | “The Workers Series - Garbage Man”

New Work-January-2018 | “Yahweh Shammoth” - A Christmas Movie

New Work-December-2017 | African Attire - The Women : Drawings

New Work-November-2017 | African Attire #9 : The Process

New Work-October-2017 | “African Attire #8”: Digital Work

New Work-September-2017 | “Blasphemy” - The Process

New Work-August-2017 | “Prepare for the Lord” - The Process

New Work-July-2017 | “Obedience” A Father’s Day Movie - The Process

New Work-June-2017 | Old Work, “Testimony ”

New Work-May-2017 | "El Chay" A New Movie | New Work - "Afro Nouveau Series"

New Work-April-2017 | New Project- Small Works

New Work-March-2017 | New Project- Small Works - Winter

New Work-February-2017 | New Project- And More Small Works - In Progress

New Work-January-2017 | New Project- More Small Works - In Progress

New Work-December-2016 | New Project- Small Works - In Progress

New Work-November-2016 | New Project- Small Works

New Work-October-2016 | To Work Series : The Workers

New Work-September-2016 | To Work Series : Online Exclusive Preview

New Work-August-2016 | Father’s Day Card : Sneak Peak/The Process PT3

New Work-July-2016 | Father’s Day Card : Sneak Peak/The Process PT2

New Work-June-2016 | Father’s Day Card : Sneak Peak/The Process

New Work-May-2016 | “To Work” May Update

New Work-April-2016 | Old Work - A Look Back At Clergy

New Work-March-2016 | “Morning Commute Completed”

New Work-February-2016 | "Metro Center"

New Work-January-2016 | On the Easel -"To Work"

New Work-December-2015 | Series In Progress

New Work-November-2015 | New Paintings In the Works

New Work-May-2015 | Ink Pen & Collage Drawings

New Work-June-2015 | More African Attire Pieces

New Work-Sept-2015 | Sneak Peek: "Fall" — The Movie

New Work-Aug-2015 | African Attire, Sketches: Artscape 2015 My Baltimore Road Trip

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