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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  |  “Yahweh Shammoth“ - A Christmas Movie  |   from : YVETTE WATSON FINE ART

28 Dec 2017 by yvette watson

“Yahweh Shammoth” means “God is There”. Throughout human history God has sought to reveal Himself to man and to be in relationship with His creation. All who believe in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as Saviour become apart of God’s family and His possession. As His sons and daughters we are privileged to enjoy His fellowship, love, provision, protection and care.

God Bless You
yvette watson

© 2017 yvette watson, yvette watsonfine art

December 2017 - YW News | A Royal Invitation

01 Dec 2017 by yvette watson

YW News December Announcement

Ever wondered what it would be like to be royalty… heir to a King? Find out more in this issue of YW News !

YW News | December 2017

YW News | November 2017 Issue

01 Nov 2017 by yvette watson

YW News | November 2017 Issue

Black communities are still being challenged in many ways and your business can make a difference. Learn how in this issue !

YW News | November 2017